Magali Cadieux


Magali Cadieux was born in 1976 in Lasalle Quebec. She spent several years living in Sarasota Florida, where she discovered her love for visual arts while studying at the John Ringling School of Arts.

She finished her studies in graphic design but her primary love remains painting. Magali mainly works with acrylics but will occasionally apply other traditional two dimensional media, such as oils, ink and enamels.

Her paintings employ a variety of mixed techniques and materials, most notably collage with acrylics, paper, metals and plaster.

Her paintings portray characters & people, the tonalities are hot, and yet the colours are honest and sharp; her world can be as merry as it can be disconsolate.  Her interest in the subconscious self, as well as her desire to convey strong, deeply felt emotions, are both evident in her work. Magali's work appears chiefly in private collections & has been exhibited across Canada as well as the United States and Europe.