Tom Dietrich


Tom Dietrich is sculptor and painter living and working in Guelph, Ontario.  Since graduating with honours from the Ontario College of Art and Design, he has worked full time as an artist, working in oil paints, photography and sculpture. Through his work, he explores the human condition and its interaction and connection to environment.  The resulting works exhibit fresh perspectives on the landscape with luminous flourishes of colour and light.  Often painted on multiple canvases the work uses framing devices that transform it from static painting to interactive sculpture. The idea of human connection, as it is affected by and reflected in environment, has been a primary theme


in Tom’s work. The resulting work is a sculptural painting.  Here, the unrestrained twist and flow of nature are captured in colour fields of abstracted, photo-like light bubbles, reflecting the play of nostalgia.  Often the framing device is used as a contrasting sculptural element - its hard linear lines reflecting artificial control and a tension between the built and organic environments.