R. Ward Shipman


R.Ward Shipman learned to paint at a very early age tutored by Hamilton artist Allan J. Scott. In a place surrounded by old world oil paintings and plaster casts, his teacher shared with him the idea of art as discipline and the importance of history in art. Ward continued his study of art at McMaster University, University of Toronto, and the Ontario College of Art and Design.

Today, as a practising artist and a teacher of art for over 20 years, he likes to challenge his students to analyze their work and to question its form and efficiency in conveying meaning. They, in turn, have engaged him to do the same.

Ward’s most recent work centre around a fusion of black and white photography with that of the painting medium. The timeless quality of his photographs combined with the golden translucency of oil and acrylic is a strong tool for expressing the ideas preoccupying his mind. By doing his own model shoots, processing negatives and developing and manipulating final prints traditionally and digitally, he is able to examine and express what is hidden deep within the inner self.